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 Post subject: Brabinator back on the road
PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:04 pm 
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Well today finally arrived, the XT has finally landed back in my home garage after a 7 week stint at Eblens getting an engine rebuild.
Mid november on a quick drive to murray bridge the ominous steam cloud from the bonnet scoupe & the smell of coolant & the temp needle shot to hot, luckily id just hit the off ramp to the bridge so pulled over, switched on the aircon fan & poped the bonnet & let things cool off. Certainly looked like a radiator issue with a bit of green spray over the top of the engine. Couple of hours later & the tow truck gets us back to my local hills workshop. New factory radiator & thermostat ordered & installed. Now the bad news hits. The mechanic tests the system for vacuum prior to adding coolant & couldnt get the system to hold pressure & suspects head gasket.. OMG I said, car is 4 years old, immaculate service records & only 140k on the clock :(
Car sent to Eblens as the extended warranty is managed thru them. Engine out & the news was the worst as the engine was severly overheated & the heads had gone soft. how can this be i said with no indication prior to the radiator letting go & I wasnt driving a long time with the needle in the red zone at all. Any way after lots of stress & many challenging phone calls with the insurance company, Eblens finally got a resolution to get the repair work done.
Did a bit of research & chatted to S&J Sean as well coz I was really stumped as to how this can happen. Seems to be an issue with NA 2lt engines but not the turbo ones as a rule. From what i can gather its possible for a small hard to notice head gasket leak to occur which can cause a vapour lock in the head thus no temp warning for the driver....hmm then the cylinder can fill with coolant & pressurise the cooling system & hey presto the radiator goes poop..... so its been a real saga & hats of to the team at Eblens to stick with it over the xmas & new years break, plus the loan of an outback in the interim to keep me moving.
Might get Nigel from Bit Sus to install some autometer temp & oil pressure gauges as im paranoid about over heating again.... touch wood its doesnt happen again.

Spot you on the road one day :drinks:


 Post subject: Re: Brabinator back on the road
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:52 am 
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Glad to hear you're back on the road: as far as stealerships go, I've always had excellent service from Eblens with all my families cars (we're a big Subie family) and they've gone the extra mile to sort out things. Hope that's the end of your dramas!

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