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 Post subject: is the transmission in a 01 forester comtapible with 02?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:19 pm 
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Im looking at getting a 01 forester for free to anyone prepaired to collect it, damaged in a crash, but the clutch and transmission are in good condition. As well as some other parts too perhaps.

Anyway, the main thing is, my transmission is busted, my car is stuck in AWD, and theres a bit of up/down wiggle room on the gear stick, all gears are fine but 4th, if i match the engine speed with the car speed, i.e, not accelerating, not decelerating, the point where you can normally freely pull it out of gear or pit it in without the clutch, at that point, the slightest bump will pop it half out of gear and it starts grinding to ****, it doesnt return to neutral, it gets stuck half way. this started suddenly and hasnt gotten any better or worse, about a week afterwards i noticed i couldnt change the AWD from hi to lo, and a week after that, i noticed power was going to the front wheels, but, again, not sure if thats by design or not.

Anywho, im hoping to strip it for miscelaneous parts, but mostly im after the transmission and clutch (my clutch is worn out so bad even cruise control makes it slip, but current clutch is a replaced single mass kit so its not a problem to switch out and machine the flywheel when i replace the transmission)

Will the manual transmissions be compatible with one another?

my 02 is a 2.5L made in 07/02, apparently theres a slight difference in foresters made before and after july

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