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 Post subject: MY12 Forester catalytic converter taken out
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:08 pm 
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Hey all, I signed up to ask about this, appreciate some advice.
From Sydney's northern beaches, we broke down in outback NSW two days before Christmas last year, it turned out we needed a new catalytic converter - ours was totally clogged at around 80,000 kms. Subaru said the part has to come from Japan and costs $5k. A good Samaritan whose name I have totally and forever forgotten cut it out and replaced it with a bit of pipe, up near the engine under the car. It worked from the get go, no problems with anything, made me wonder if another good Samaritan might have changed the computer as I heard it can run badly and/or disable the cruse control - the Subaru guys said anything can happen, it's unknown until you do it. Anyway 6 months later and it's working fine, has better performance, and makes a small throat clearing type of noise, no drama, except it's up for rego in a couple of months and I'm told it won't pass. Question time...
1. Do I have to put a new catalytic converter in?
2. Any advice on a muffler shop around Brookvale or similar who will do the work and not charge too much, and advise on after market parts and also re-tuning the computer if that is needed?
3. Anything else need looking at which might have caused the problem in the first place?
4. Probably moving to QLD next year so needs to be legal in NSW and QLD

I have no idea really so thought I'd ask the experts.

 Post subject: Re: MY12 Forester catalytic converter taken out
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:01 pm 
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1. If the car is inspected for presence of a cat around rego renewal time - yes. Otherwise you'll probably get away with it a while longer. In Qld you just pay your rego renewal online with no physical inspection of the vehicle.

2. Assuming yours is the turbo model, there are that many people upgrading their stock dump pipe (that includes cat) you can probably pick up a spare one for free or for a nominal cost somewhere.

Alternatively, get an aftermarket dump pipe (with cat), get a tune and upgrade your performance.

If NA or you can't find a donor - grab the relevant section of stock exhaust from a wreckers.

If you didn't re-tune the computer when the cat was removed, you probably don't need to re-tune it when the cat is reinstated.

3. My wife's SH clogged up its cat because the inlet cam on one of the banks had lost all variable control and was flapping around. Symptoms included inconsistent power and a fuel smell (running too rich a lot - which clogs up the cat). Your issues may be different.

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