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 Post subject: SG XT & GD/GG Track Widths etc; regarding interchangeability
PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:31 pm 
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Hey guys. I'm trying to put together some info on track widths and part interchangeability between SG XT & GD/GG parts, especially parts like lateral links etc

I understand that track width varies throughout the GD and GG model versions, and even the wheelbase at least once or twice for sedan or wagon which may or may not affect the tailshaft length too. And also that things changed for the 05 model STi to 114.3 PCD hubs etc

Firstly I want to start by asking which models specifically share the same length parts as a MY07 SG Foz XT? Also need to know with each if it's different between JDM and AUDM versions... Track widths etc for each version would be invaluable as well

So yay or nay and JDM/AUDM if specific...

- MY01-MY02 GDA WRX Sedan:
- MY01-MY02 GGA WRX Wagon:
- MY01-MY02 GDB v7 STI Sedan:
- MY01-MY02 GGB v7 STI Wagon:
- MY03-MY05 GDA WRX Sedan:
- MY03-MY05 GGA WRX Wagon:
- MY03-MY04 GDB v8 STI Sedan:
- MY03-MY04 GGB v8 STI Wagon:
- MY05 GDB v8 STI Sedan:
- MY05 GGB v8 STI Wagon:
- MY06-MY07 GDA WRX Sedan:
- MY06-MY07 GGA WRX Wagon:
- MY06-MY07 GDB v9 STI Sedan:
- MY06-MY07 GGB v9 STI Wagon:

Essentially I want to know which GD/GG WRX & STI models I could directly swap parts to a MY07 SG Foz XT while keeping the same track width. Engine & transmission crossmembers / subframes, rear diff crossmember/subframe, 5MT tailshaft assembly, front & rear driveshafts if applicable, aluminium front transverse links + rear trailing links, all lateral links etc... I would like to swap all of these parts and a set of MY01 to MY04 JDM STI suspension in to properly drop it to WRX height and allow the fitment of STI pillow bush parts like lateral and trailing links along with a GD/GG 5MT short shift kit

Want to stay 100mm PCD though so don't wish to swap for MY05-MY07 STI hubs themselves

I plan to install a JDM MY05 WRX pull-clutch 5MT. Rear diff would either be the Suretrac R160 from the same car, or the AUDM MY07 WRX Suretrac R180 rear diff but will need to know if those R180 diff to R160 hub driveshafts will fit with the changes above in regards to their length

Also: Does any at all of the above change whether or not I could fit a JDM or AUDM v8 STI power steering rack into the mix? I assume there wouldn't need to be any modification to fit once the spaced Forester underbody parts are changed for Impreza ones

I hope this all makes sense, I just can't find out which model or models share the same track width and wheelbase as my Forester and don't know what changed when throughout these Impreza versions. Wouldn't want to source parts from the wrong donor car or cars to make a mess of it all under my Foz!

Thanks heaps

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 Post subject: Re: SG XT & GD/GG Track Widths etc; regarding interchangeability
PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:51 pm 
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