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 Post subject: What cross-platform parts fit the face-lift SG Foz XS? GC/GD
PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:52 am 
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So the 03 Foz XS my partner and i bought ended up having head gasket failure, we're gonna fix it up and move it on. There's a few other signs that it's possibly been driven around on a beach at least once that doesn't make me comfortable for the future of the car... So after discussing and realising that it'd be easier to chuck a few pre-facelift parts onto the post-facelift car to get what we want rather than the other way around, plus starting with the revised engine etc, we're going to buy a post-facelift XS Luxury now instead

As I'd previously asked for the pre-facelift... I want to know what GC8/GF8 parts do or don't fit and what GDB/GGB parts do or don't fit the post-facelift SG Foz, as well as any other parts that also have to be changed on a Foz when fitting other platform parts. I've seen mentions of having to change brake lines and or front control arms when fitting other model parts to a Foz

Also want to know stock sway bar sizes for XS, XT and STi. Quick cheap easy bolt-on upgrades... She doesn't want a turbo model so I want to tighten up the NA

So what parts fit the Foz for the following... Feel free to add anything else you know of as well and I'll also ask more along the way as I think of it too

- Struts: GDB/GGB? I'm aware the fronts can be GC/GF or GD/GG but are the rear the GD/GG fit? Do you have to chase wagon strut and spring combos rather than sedan to keep the Forester level and does it actually sit level with them? And are there any other points to note if fitting them to a Foz? I recall reading a change in brake lines

- Front Transverse Links aka control arms: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? Assuming the post-facelift NA doesn't come with the solid aluminium ones

- Rear Lateral Links: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? or either? or Foz-specific?

- Rear Trailing Links: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? or either? or Foz-specific?

- Strut Braces: GDB/GGB or Forester-specific?

- Front Sway Bar: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? do turbo model sway bars fit a Foz NA crossmember? Can I chuck a turbo crossmember on?

- Rear Sway Bar: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? or Foz-specific only?

- Quick Power Steering Rack: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? and if GD/GG then a specific gen only such as 01 to 04?

- Brake Master Cylinder Stopper/Brace: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? or Foz-specific? or only matters if it's a strut bar integrated one

- Brake Hoses: Foz-specific? to match calipers installed but are their length different with the higher vehicle being the Foz? The what about if lowered on some STi struts & springs?

- Short Shifter: GC8/GF8 STi 5-speed? does it fit or is it too short in a higher vehicle? I read on a yank forum that they need to be Foz-specific otherwise they sit low but I'm sceptical

- Radiator: GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB? or SG-specific? are NA SG and turbo SG radiators interchangeable mounting-wise? is it only having or not having a radiator cap the difference? Guessing thicknesses would be different but would be considering an upgrade to something along the lines of a KoyoRad 36mm

- Cat-Back Exhaust: Foz-specific? or can a GC8/GF8 or GDB/GGB exhaust be extended at the rear just before the muffler to fit if too short? such as seen when fitting an Impreza exhaust to a Liberty

- Tail Lights: I saw that the JDM STi ones with the black backing rather than chrome don't come with foglights, can I change the loom/globes with them to have a dual-stop/tail globe and retain rear foglights? Do the Aussie STi models come with the black backing rather than chrome and do they retain rear fog lights if so? I'm competent with wiring modifications

Gearbox & Rear Diff: Can I fit an 06/07 JDM WRX 5-speed transmission and suretrac rear LSD straight in as I could with my BC5 Libertys?

There'll probably be more questions to come... Thanks for bearing with me and I appreciate any answers you can provide

Thanks heaps again! Cookie

 Post subject: Re: What cross-platform parts fit the face-lift SG Foz XS? GC/GD
PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:02 am 
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It's almost entriely GD parts that are compatible.

For the suspension bits, you can cross-refer the Whiteline pages. At the bottom of each product description, is a list of compatible vehicles. Eg: ... 0&sq=21301

One catch: get the GD STi rear lateral links (Whiteline KTA123, for example ... NOT the KTA109 for the WRX. The SG has the slightly wider rear track-width of the STi).

Not sure why you'd think that you'd be 'tightening-up' the car with other Subaru swaybars for example, when 'upgrading' the balance of the car will be much better achieved with aftermarket adjustable bars and endlinks.

Seeing as the max all-up weight of the Forester is quite a bit more than the Impreza platforms, and we can tow more, I always recommend NOT using WRX spring / strut combos (then everyone shoots me down, for their own personal reasons). 2200kg of Foz on Impreza springs / struts = hmm? Hence, get aftermarket or Foz SG STi dedicated pink springs, for example. The dediciated Foz pink springs are hard to get.

Not sure why you want to replace the rear trailing arms?

Not sure why you want a Suretrac rear LSD? Nicknamed: 'Sureslip'.

Aussie STi models? :dontknow:

A lot of your questions can be answered in the sticky threads, on the various Board Index pages:

In the end, it's an AWFUL LOT of work for a NA Foz ... you'd be seriously better off getting an XT! Eg: exhaust changes with an ECU that can't be retuned?! Etc ...

His name is 'Steve'; he has just a few mods ... that's all! ;)

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