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 Post subject: Re: Yowie's SH turbo
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:57 pm 
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I finally got some of the "figure 8" gauge holders powder-coated:-



The speed-holes help tighten the wiring against the bracket:-


The AEM wideband gives you lots of options for data-logging. Matt (Throttlehappy) advised:-

(a) if I had deleted the Tumble Generator Valves (TVG) the spare 5V input to the ECU could have taken the 5V input from the wideband sensor for logging purposes (but not "rich closed-loop control" due to the factory preferring a "changing amperage" signal from the OEM Claytons wideband in the exhaust manifold rather than a 0-5V signal from a Bosch-style aftermarket wideband sensor); but

(b) since I still have the OEM TVG setup, connecting a 5V signal and ground wires to the manual-recommended pins on a DB9 cable would be fine for laptop-based tuning and datalogging.

Accordingly, I purchased a DB9 computer cable from Jaycar (with male & female ends - more on that later) and cut it about 10cm from the female end.


I then had to multimeter-probe the cut wires & DB9 pins to find the wires that corresponded to the pins dictated by the AEM instruction manual.

As it turns out, our 5-year-old really likes continuity testing. What's not to like with the multimeter making a noise when you probe the correct pin, drawing a diagram of the results with coloured pens and the whole thing playing out like a process-of-elimination mystery game.


Before attaching any bulky plugs, I wanted the DB9 plug and a good length of cord to stash in the glovebox until needed for tuning or datalogging.

This meant finding a neat way to get cabling from the driver's to the passenger's side of the dash.

As luck would have it there is a massive void behind the stereo/HVAC area, shown with a vinyl hose hanging out of it below (glovebox removed):-


The picture below shows the same hose dropping down from the driver's side of the void. I have an aftermarket stereo head unit, so I can't guarantee it's as easy with an OEM stereo. Worth a look though.


I taped the cut end of the long DB9 cable to the vinyl hose and pulled that cut end through to the driver's side.

I then attached the AEM 5V and Ground wires to the correct wires on the DB9 cable.


This looks more complicated than it is. Apart from the two wire joins the rest is just strain relief and wrapping it all up as if it's one very long cable:-



I then pulled a long length of now-joined cable through to the passenger side. I also taped a bight of excess AEM cable to it so I could use up some excess length running behind the dash and back to the driver's side.

The male DB9 plug (with about a metre of cable) now sits coiled up in the glovebox until needed at tuning time.

I didn't want to leave this setup un-tested and waste a tuner's time if the wire connection was bad, so I added some spade connectors to the same-coloured 2 wires on the cut-off female DB9 end and connected a multimeter (and plugged the female test rig to the male end from the glovebox) to be able to check there is a voltage signal from the AEM gauge:-


This is the voltage reading for "full lean" (engine not running). I'll see what it looks like under different conditions on my next stop-start commute.


Thanks for reading.

My build thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=54775

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