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 Post subject: 2013 SJ Forester many errors after disconnecting looms...
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:33 pm 
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When installing a dash cam i though i'd take a look at the back of the interior fuse panel to see if i could make use of one of the unoccupied/undefined fuse holders.
In the process i unplugged 2 looms at the top front of the fuse panel.

Ended up passing on the ideas as i could see no ready way to connect to the un occupied fuse slots.

Put everything back together and when starting the car i got a number of errors and lights.
Some of them...
Vehicle dynamics, ABS, Emissions control, hill brake etc....
Lights on or flashing...
Check Engine, Transmission TEMP, Cruise on indicator, X-Mode indicator.

First read it with my ebay OBD tool and got 2 codes, CVT turbin and something else, clearing these just has them return.
An old friend came around and connected his SnapOn tool and found about 10 codes, we were able to clear them, confirm they were clear and only had them return on starting the engine next.
Disconnected the battery overnight, verified no charge in the battery leads in the morning and re-connected them, no change.
Took it to an Auto elec, pretty much same as above, said they couldn't do anything more.
Booked Subaru Berwick, but only opening is 20th DEC.
Got wind of a Subaru specialist - Lucas Automotive in Moorabbin, he thought a transmission re-learn might fix it, but the car refused the relearn.
A turbine speed sensor was replaced (on of the items generating an error), still no dice.

We're at a point where several professionals have looked at it, some have involved other professionals for further advice, and we're still no closer to a solution.
Making matters worse i'm in an extreme financial pinch right now, and we've received a notice to vacate our rental after ~ 11 years.

Out there somewhere some one might know something about this.
I've clearly upset something, and feel it's computer related.

FWIW i'll outline some history and other steps below, if anyone has any ideas i could use the help.

Purchased used ~ November 2016
Docs suggest Pioneer head unit installed professionally pre delivery to original owner (Victorian Teachers Mutual something or other).
Later found X-Mode not working.
Installed Kenwood DDS917WS headunit
Installed Front/Rear dashcam combo (sourcing power from sunglasses holder roof light)
New battery installed (dash cam kept running battery flat, draws too much current to keep it connected)
Pulled panel with X-Mode button and found connector not seated correctly - X-Mode now works.
Re-ran positive wire for dash cam down A pillar to pickup accessory power, (had pluging and unpluging on a drive by drive basis to not drain battery)
This is where we're at now, detailed above.

MY13 Forester 2.5i CVT

 Post subject: Re: 2013 SJ Forester many errors after disconnecting looms...
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:18 pm 
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Try resetting the ECU using the Torque Pro protocols mentioned in this thread: ... sh-489961/
If that does not work, I have the SSM OBDKey you can try.

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