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 Post subject: Re: anyone installed a subwoofer?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:38 pm 
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MY14XT wrote:
hi all, have a xtp but after a few years thinking of installing a subwoofer. has anyone got one installed? or have anyone to recommend me to go to to in Sydney?
the current HK system doesn't get enough bass for my liking ( I should have installed one when I first picked up the car).

have a look at this bass box, i installed one in my car and its pretty awesome. for the size you get quite the boom and handles the low freqs well (link below).

Because of the active 10" and the passive 12" there is a lot more base response, apparently it like the equivalent to 2x 10" subs. No word of a lie the box dimensions are 11.9cm x 67cm... super thin and compact, which means i can still have my boot space too!! I got it for about $400 brand new. Hertz is quite the reputable company, made in italy and mainly deals in the SPL world of car audio, anyhoo its a very high quality product and i am super impressed with it. ... -ebxf25_5/

Installed in the boot - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=57783

Yes you will need an amp too, i got an Alpine MRV-M250 small yeah but hey it does the job to exactly what the bass need, and i got that for $250

If you want some pics regarding the installation and where i went through the firewall etc let me know and i can chuck them up.

 Post subject: Re: anyone installed a subwoofer?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:57 am 
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MY14XT wrote:
Thanks for the photo jay, how's the bass/sound from the sub?

The kicker represents good value for money if you just need a compact sub to complement your speakers. Simple, no fuss and easy to install.

You’re not going to get earth shattering low base frequencies but it does very well for its size. I’ll say the kicker excels above the 70hz range whilst providing adequate lower base. I’m satisfied.


- the kicker will just fit under the passenger seat and will block one of the rear air vent. Not a big deal.

- don’t turn on the ignition when the yellow wires under the passenger seat are disconnected otherwise you might get a check engine light.

- use the bolts under the seat for the sub straps. One of the bolts can be utilised as a earth. Just make sure the paint is removed around the bolt area to provide good earthing contact.

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