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 Post subject: Looking at a 2013 XT
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:48 pm 
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Gday all i am looking at a 2013 XT just wondering if there is any common issues or things to look for when inspecting these cars?

 Post subject: Re: Looking at a 2013 XT
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:54 am 
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I just purchased one of these myself excellent car! One thing to keep an eye out for is to make sure the wind screen is chip and crack free as it can be a costly exercise to replace due to the eyesight cameras

 Post subject: Re: Looking at a 2013 XT
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:19 am 
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Apart from the windscreen, is there anything else a prospective buyer should paying extra attention to before purchase?

 Post subject: Re: Looking at a 2013 XT
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:29 am 
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Some SJ turbos had intake issues in regards to dodgy hose clamps. Some fixed under warranty, majority not. But for an early model that's now been well run-in, it shouldn't be an issue going forward.
There is a thread on here somewhere about peoples troubles with idling/power surge and hesitation from it.

Most at some point complain about body roll in Foresters in general due to their height.
If you're planning mods etc, typical first things of order are usually bigger rear swaybar at minimum to help reduce roll.
Some do just that alone and never touch anything else.
Then if not planing to do much off-roading, lowering to improve overall handling is the next step. Though that then typically induces other issues like bump steer, which requires more parts to correct, and the modification bug usually takes over haha.

No other known or documented mechanical issues off-the top of my head, other than the choice of CVT or CVT.
As most turbos are, they respond well to a basic ECU reflash/retune with or without breathing mods, etc. I guess the benefit of CVT when it comes to reflashing, the box can also be tweaked to make it more responsive and generally better to drive. Though CVT's aren't typically known for handling meaty amounts of torque... while they can be tweaked they don't like being lent on too much from the engine from a torque perspective.

Non mechanical:
Slightly smaller boot than the SH. Also the step up into the boot space making for a "grocery cliff".
Driver leg space around the knees depending on driver height etc, and the defined protruding edge of the door card where you'd likely want to rest your leg/knee when driving longer distances. (I'm 6'2" and found the SJ to be quite uncomfortable in general when doing around 100km or more in a single trip.)

Don't bother paying to update GPS maps (you'll find out when you ask for a price on it), if you can't find a download online - bin it and get a better head unit.
Thankfully the early SJ are easier to swap-out for a 2DIN unit than the later models.

Not trying to put you off, better to know the "cons" list is checked off before-hand, then it will be all smooth cruising there-after. :thumbs:

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