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 Post subject: I miss my Forester :(
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:28 pm 
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A few years ago, I made the painful decision to sell my beloved Forester

I had a wedding and honeymoon to pay for, and I needed to 'grow up' a bit

At the time I was really loving the VF series Commodores - they were the last of a dying breed, and were the cherry on top in terms of quality

I ended up leasing an SV6 Storm Sportswagon, which is so much more nicely appointed than any other car ive owned before

It drives amazing too

However, I cant stop thinking how much happier I was in my Foz

It was unique / one of a kind, not a car that every man and his dog has

Id love to get back in one, however, as is often the trap with new cars, I owe more on the Commonwhore than its worth

What has been your favourite car and why?

 Post subject: Re: I miss my Forester :(
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:48 pm 
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AJAY79 wrote:
What has been your favourite car and why?
Strewth, I've been through a few. FC Oldhen when I was a real young'un, Fart 125, Datto 180B, Datto Bluebird, VL Commie, Bitsamissin L300, SG Foz (and a Datto 1600 or two and couple of KB Lasers in there somewhere).

Favourite? Pick between 3 - The Fart (DOHC, 4W discs, pocket rocket), VL (cruise sooo nice out country), and the Foz. Prob the Foz, coz I still love it and it's been doing our outback trips for four straight years without a hitch.

 Post subject: Re: I miss my Forester :(
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:48 pm 
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Hmm 35 plus cars and counting.....

For simple fun to drive cars I pick my first car a 1964 Morris Mini custom Kermit the Frog Green paint (sold) and Morris Minor 1960 two door and the 1980 shopping trolley City Pro T go kart. (sold)

For in a straight line a 1972 RX4 sedan with bit of work on engine and custom body and paint.

For Aldi 'good different' 1964 Rambler Classic V8 with XY GT custom tail lights and XY GT full interior and a 1974 Hornet with custom Aquamarine paint.

Not so simple but as fun my VW Polo GTi tuned to 132 kwatw's.

For sheer V8 grunt my LX Torona SS Hatch 5lt Balanced (sold) and Blueprinted - APX clone (I had a 4.2lt as well) (sold)

For grip and torque my My06 GD WRZ sedan with 236kwatw's (sold) and second to that my EVO1. (sold)

And there's more.......

 Post subject: Re: I miss my Forester :(
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:57 am 
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Your Foz was a great car.... sh1t!

My favorite car would have to be my first race car. My silver GC8! Geez that thing was on the money. My new RA is getting there but it isnt silver car territory for reliability and mostly trusting it will do what Im asking it to do.... The silver GC, although it nearly killed me :lol: I trusted it with my life, it was underpowered but I through that thing in to corners like nothing else and (99.9% lol!) Of the time it just said ok lets do this....

There is a very different connection you have with a car that you race as opposed to a road car. I have really enjoyed, and loved, some road cars Ive owned like my first SH9.... I really enjoyed driving it knowing it looked great and drove really nice etc. But once you build a car specificly for the actual experience of driving as fast as you possibly can... knowing that car realistically holds your life in its hands..... No road car will ever come close to that.

Owning a nice car and enjoying it on the road is a great thing, dont get me wrong. However, building a car (no matter what it looks like) specifically to experience mid corner speed, where the car literally moves underneath you as it battles for grip at speeds in excess of 200kmhr....(Eg Phillip Island!) is a life altering experience.... I never thought a car, any car, could do some of the things Ive been lucky enough to experienced on track.... For any car lover, a track car is next level stuff.

Once was SH Build: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=28684&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=Delete

GC8 Track build -
NFII Fairlane
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